Management of Human Resources in the Technological age

It doesn't matter if your business is a small venture, a startup or if it has been positioned and consolidated for years. Human Resources (HR) is one of those areas which integral management cannot be conceived without state-of the-art technology.

It may sound paradoxical that in the digital age you require your staff to feel part of a human-centered strategy, capable of delivering personalized attention.

Beyond that dilemma, there is the fusion of the work performed by an increasingly technologically connected employee, a business model subjected to constant technological disruption and digital mega-trends.

So, to maintain a balance, adapt and not die, you must combine the most advanced trends in human resource management with state-of-the-art digital technology.   Let's delve into a brief analysis of human resources management in the digital age.

The change in the Integral Management of HR in the Digital Age

The digital age introduced important changes in human resources management.   We point out  just  a few  of  them:

  • Organizations have become less hierarchical and more horizontal, making the decision-making process simpler.
  • Any business with a presence online and in social media is now a potential global competitor.
  • It is possible to measure the appropriateness of decisions in near real time.
  • Mobility and flexibility are crucial for an employee to be relevant today.
  • A   multi-generational human talent, led by first-generation digital citizens and digital immigrants converge as users of trends such as networks, mobile devices, data and information in the cloud.
  • Global access and hyper-connectivity are security concerns.

You should be aware of these changes and trends to integrate them into human resources management.

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Human Resources Management Strategy in the Digital Age

Maybe you're aware of the importance of comprehensive Human Resources (HR) management, but you don't know where to start. In that case, you need a strategy. The first thing you must understand is that the integral management of your human resources is crucial to earn the commitment of your employees, which in turn as Forbes states, it is directly reflected in the satisfaction of your customers.

To achieve that synergy, the first step in a human resource management strategy in the digital age is to recruit multigenerational human teams. These should team up digital natives with those who are not, in an environment focused on personalization, motivation, and experience.

To personalize the experience of your human resources in the technological age, you need to establish a balance between automation and the individual experience of each worker. To do this, try to ensure that the objectives of the automated processes are aligned with the objectives of your business. Also, include among your values that the speed of the processes is combined with the face-to-face interaction.

Then you need comprehensive HR management to transcend all levels and areas of your business.  This should not be an activity exclusive to senior management, one or two people or a small group focused on processing payroll and benefits. Instead, it must involve everyone, in order to overcome resistance to organizational change.

Finally you should monitor the success of the HR's comprehensive management strategy. This will allow you to adjust and change it when necessary.

Trends in comprehensive HR management in the digital age

Despite the importance of technology in the comprehensive management of HR, some studies show that outside the US and some Asian countries, investment is insufficient. In these areas such as Central and South America, it reached only 1.5% of global investment in HR technologies in 2017.

However, the pandemic pushed this investment in HR technologies when most employees had to work from home. And even then, the investment is lagging behind. The delay in the management of human resources in small businesses worsens performance and competitiveness at the speed with which the digital age advances.

Because companies that start late in applying technology to the management of human resources will have a much harder time catching up. If you lose your pace, soon you will stop being competitive. To solve this, the first thing is to identify the ever-changing  technological trends in this area. Then, allocate sufficient resources to them since it is a vital department in the company.

The Human Resources Observatory generated a list of technological trends in the area of human resources, including:

  • Use of social media for recruitment.
  • Use of video platforms to interview candidates.
  • Online training.
  • Online services for employees.
  • Language learning using platforms.
  • Digitization of all kinds of manuals, forms and procedures.
  • Online monitoring of human resources management indicators.

Is it possible to be aligned with these trends, even within the constraints of a business that is just taking its first steps with a limited budget? Fortunately, yes.

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HR ToolBox by GBS Group

In tune with the needs of entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, GBS Group  offers its technological tool for human resources management: HR ToolBox by GBS Group. This is a tool within reach of your budget, comprehensive and easy to use, designed for SMEs,  startups  and entrepreneurs.

HR ToolBox by Gbs Group will allow you to check state laws and regulations in Human Resources  (HR), and it also gives you access to federal rules.  On the other hand, our comprehensive HR management tool will also allow you to develop the employee manual, so that the employee knows the organizational culture, his or her tasks, the code of conduct, benefits and more.

Furthermore, you will also have a guide to fill in the forms you need for managing human resources in the digital age. Because HR ToolBox by GBS Group offers you immediate access to more than 500 online templates and forms that contain:

  • Spreadsheets.
  • Checklists.
  • Work history.
  • I-9 Form.
  • Entrance verification checks.
  • Position requirements.
  • Functions and  much  more.

HR ToolBox by GBS Group is the online human resources management center that will improve the performance of your business at a lower cost.

With just one click, you will have all this and much more in a single technological tool. If you want to know the HR ToolBox by GBS Group, check our rates.

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