Business Consulting, a model based on comprehensive solutions

Business Consulting, a model based on comprehensive solutions

"Consulting is more than giving advice"

a phrase recorded in 1982 by Professor Arthur N. Turner for the Harvard Business Review which is today truer than ever.

Someone with a lot of experience in a specific area can become a consultant, but what sets apart a good business consulting service based on comprehensive solutions is ethics, an effective delivery process and affinity for excellence. You will find these values in GBS Group.

Let's see what a business consulting service is, what it entails and what our organization can offer to you.

What is a business consulting service?

A business consulting service is represented by a firm or organization that brings together various professionals, experts in certain aspects or core areas of a running business or entrepreneur ventures.

This professional team provides comprehensive advice and it offers feasible and efficient solutions for any company experiencing difficulties, or that has identified opportunities for management improvement.

What does a business consulting service include?

Generally speaking, representatives of the firm approach individuals or companies either in person or remotely.

Experts will observe and analyze the company's processes and operations, based on a diagnosis and an agreement, by assigning the right professional or group to address the case.

These specialists apply their own proven methodologies to develop a plan and provide guidance for the implementation; a set of feasible actions that represent solutions to the identified problems or weaknesses.

We are perfectly aligned with the "purpose hierarchy of a consulting service," according to Harvard Business School (

  1. Comprehensive diagnosis, definition or redefinition of the problem
  2. Consensus in finding the best solutions
  3. Formulation of an action plan
  4. Comprehensive advice on the plan and improvements
  5. Cooperation in the implementation of solutions
  6. Consensus and commitment on corrective actions
  7. Measurement of impact.

What do we offer at GBS Group?

GBS Group is the consolidation of a team of business consulting professionals who provide comprehensive advice in multiple business and entrepreneurial areas.

Among our portfolio of comprehensive solutions, the following are highlighted:

Comprehensive financial and tax advice

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At GBS Group, we have a group of the best specialists and tools in a wide range of accounting, administrative, financial and tax consulting services.

We support both individuals and companies in fulfilling their accounting and tax commitments for the formality of their business.

Entrepreneur ventures, new franchises, startups, corporations, multinational corporations, companies of any size or sector, we provide them all the necessary expertise in terms of financial planning, tax planning and compliance with US GAAP and international financial regulations.

With complete certainty, you can subcontract with us your payroll processes, taxes, legal formality and compliance with the accounting regulations.

Here are some of our comprehensive accounting and tax solutions:

Entrepreneur ventures and business start-ups

"Entrepreneurship is not a science, nor is it an art; it's practice."

- Peter Drucker. 

At GBS Group, we offer the experience needed to successfully overcome the tough obstacles that threaten the start of a business.

We provide scalable solutions tailored to your idea.

Our group of experts will give you the push to overcome the overwhelming legal and structural procedures that could stifle your entrepreneurial spirit.

We support you in the analysis of the environment, characterization of your product and your market, as well as designing a plan and business model that ensures sustainability and profitability.

Our range of comprehensive solutions for the entrepreneur includes comprehensive advice on market analysis,  business plans, company formation and   pre-immigration consulting.

Comprehensive business consulting

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No matter what the activity or size of your business, at GBS Group we support you with the expert guide necessary to make your initiative a success.

Our extensive international business experience will allow you to quickly capitalize on opportunities and evade threats from your environment.

From due diligence and market exploration, to forecasts, financial assessment, and support when requesting a loan, GBS Group stands for comprehensive solutions.

We support you in basic business consulting services:

Make operational, technological and organizational excellence be your north. At GBS Group, we will gladly offer you more than comprehensive advice, we want to become your strategic partner. Shall we start?