3 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself Against Cyber Attacks

3 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself Against Cyber Attacks

It is not necessary to be a cyber security specialist or hire the best security services and applications to be able to protect the integrity of your business and safeguard your sensitive information.

Some data

During the previous year there were nearly 42,000 incidents related to cyber security, and 42% of these attacks were directed against small businesses. These incidents can lead to sensitive information that can be stolen and significant financial losses, which is why it is so important to reduce the chances of being a victim of this type of attack. We bring you 3 simple solutions that will help reduce these possibilities:

Update programs and applications

The programs or software that you use in your business are vulnerable to being attacked, it is important that you update them to their most recent versions. The developers of these programs work to fix and remove vulnerabilities in your system that can be exploited by attackers, which is why you will constantly receive notifications asking you to update your programs and applications.

This can undoubtedly be annoying, and on some occasions it can bring some additional problems (loss of compatibility, errors in the program, etc), but it is important and we recommend that you carry out these updates if you want to maintain the security of your business at the highest level, the Most programs and applications allow this process to be done quickly and easily with a few clicks.

Change passwords

About 81% of cybersecurity incidents are caused by weak or stolen passwords, this should give you an idea of ​​the importance of creating hard to crack and hack passwords, use a password that contains combinations of words that are easy for you to remember but unique , in conjunction with numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and characters (# $ . – @ + ,) will provide a password that is difficult to crack.

Similarly, it is important that you do not use the same password for all your accounts, this will ensure that even if one of your passwords is compromised, they will not be able to access other applications and sensitive information. In the same order of ideas, it is equally important that you update your passwords periodically, some applications will ask you to do so from time to time, this will protect you even more.

After having your passwords created and reinforced with these measures, it is recommended to use a Two-Factor Authentication, this tool will request a code or special permission to access your account if you are trying to do so from a device that is not recognized by the password. application, making it much more complicated for an attacker to guess your username and password to access your account, as it will require an additional step, most large companies and applications have this functionality.

Train your employees

If you have employees, it is important that you communicate and share these cybersecurity tips with them, a single vulnerability in any member of your team can unleash a wave of attacks and compromised information, and no matter how much you keep your programs updated and change your passwords, this it won't do any good if your team doesn't do the same.

Sharing weekly or monthly articles on cyber security or giving a webinar are ideas that can help your team better understand this world, explain the importance of creating strong passwords and updating them regularly, activating two-factor authentication and updating your applications and devices can be a great help to your business.